"Mother came to this planet after a long journey. To rid the
cosmos of fools like you. ...as long as you exist, the
nightmares will come again and again." - Kadaj
Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum

Cloud's SHUT UP! series
Cloud's SHUT UP! series

Just want to say THANK YOU to all the new followers I’ve gotten recently! Holy poop!! I can guess where this increase came from… Final Fantasy XV, maybe? J/k it’s my personality that brings all da followers to da dash. Well, anyway, you all probably aren’t familiar with me unless you’re an old LJ follower. Omg, are you? Probably not. Okay then. Moving on. So, um, welcome to Marvelicious! Call me Rik(ku), everyone else does. Mainly I post Final Fantasy related graphics, and I won’t lie, now you’ll probably be flooded with Final Fantasy XV stuff all the time. So if that’s why you’re here… you did good job. You’ll see plenty of other gaming graphics too in time, and maybe even things beyond that. Like porn. Minus the porn. Hope you enjoy all my edits, gifs, and shits! If not, bye. Lol j/k. You won’t leave me. I know. Shhhhh. Say no more. I love you too. J/k. But let’s not ruin this moment, okay? Okay. Too late.


Ignis Scientia, close childhood friend of Noctisin Final Fantasy XV
Ignis Scientia, close childhood friend of Noctis
in Final Fantasy XV